TRADING: 2 Books in 1- Swing Trading for Beginners & Swing Trading Strategies -The New Practical Course on How to Make High Profits with Proven Stategies.Study and Apply From the Bases To the Success


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Would you like a full course about trading that will bring you profit in a short time? Would you like a proven and practical method that guides you from the basics to the success?

If you answered yes and you also think that time is money then keep reading…

Okay, there’s a lot of desire to start and little time. Trading is a fascinating and dangerous sector. Surely you know the trading and its potential, you have certainly tried and maybe earned a few dollars. But without a method the few dollars are faded, the revenue decreased, the desire is over and the only thing left are the expenses to pay for the account opened.

So if you already have tried or If you are a beginner who has never experienced, welcome, you are on the right way.

In this book:

There are several ways to trade, some are safer but slower, like long-trading, some are faster but riskier, like day trading, others follow trends. Swing trading is the perfect balance between these different modes. If you are short on time, unfamiliar with charts and tables and prefer to make safer gains, then swing trading is what you are looking for.

The course consists of 2 volumes.

Volume A, Swing Trading for Beginners is a comprehensive guide that teaches the basics and theory of Swing Trading.The book analyzes the pros and cons of other trading modes, discusses fundamental analysis and technical analysis, teaches how to follow trends and which tools to use and much more..

Volume B, Swing Trading Strategies is a practical guide with proven strategies.A guide in which are analyzed in more detail some important topics to succeed in trading. An important part is dedicated to the study and application of at least 5 strategies in different markets.

In both books the mindset and the management of money and risk are discussed, they are very important issues that it is right to reiterate, because they are our greatest friends but also the greatest enemies.

What you will learn

  • The basics and theory to best start the path of a successful trader.
  • The pros and cons of investment strategies with swing trading in forex, stocks, etf and options
  • Because swing trading is the most balanced choice
  • How to set up own mindset and a routine that will allow you to get great results.
  • How to identify trends and which are the best financial instruments.
  • How and when to enter and exit positions.
  • How to manage your money and calculate risk
  • At least 5 proven strategies to apply now.
  • How to choose a broker and how to open an online account.

Even if you have never tried to invest with trading,even if you are not familiar with charts, tables and financial instruments, follow the course and you can start trading successfully right away.So,don’t worry if you are a beginner.Together,you will find that swing trading is the best way to ensure financial freedom with passive revenues.

So,if you’re looking for a way to trade options,stocks,forex and more,easily and quietly from your home couch,download this book today and start swing trading!

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