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Introduction to Investing

Wealth creation is possible when we start saving a portion of our income and invest it into profitable investment options.

Over time this saved income starts to multiple exponentially. This is the path for wealth creation and it requires some knowledge of investment options.

Because you can`t just invest your hard earned money just like that without knowing what you are getting into.

Biggest Stock Market Crashes Throughout History

The recent outbreak of coronavirus and the declaration of it being a pandemic has the stock markets crashing the world over. The Dow has fallen more than 1,000 points daily, in one the biggest falls since the 2008 financial crisis, causing much fear of another crash of the same scale the world over in the coming days.

The stock markets have crashed and recovered fairly regularly throughout history.  This means exactly the pictures it draws of significant and drastic drops in market values that may last from as short as mere hours to spread of months or even years, bankrupting paper millionaires to nothing, becoming a story of riches to rags.

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Housing Market Crash 2023?

The Covid19 pandemic has sent shockwaves around the world, especially to financial and commodity markets.

The U.S. housing market is not exempt from these shockwaves and is expected to crash to a 29 year low as home sales contract to levels of 1991. This contraction is set to deal a heavy blow to the U.S housing market.

Preliminary analysis expect spring home sales to drop.

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