Forex Trading Using Price Action (Forex, Forex Trading, Price Action)


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While I generally refer to Forex trading in this book, as this is my particular area of interest, Price Action of course applies to any financial instrument, such as Stocks, Futures, Options, CFDs etc.If you can produce a chart, then Price Action Trading can be applied.Price Action is all about making profits by the virtue of raw price movement and filtering out false signals when trading. Consequently, it provides clear insight about the current market conditions along with high reliability and an excellent risk-reward ratio towards the execution of what one aims for – a perfect game plan. Assuming proper risk management, there is no reason why you can’t become a successful Forex Trader using this method once you have mastered the techniques described in this book.Trading Forex Using Price Action – An Introduction is designed to enlighten you with the actual simplicity of this style of trading and provide the formula to obtain a clear insight into “Price Action Trading”. It will introduce to you, how to read past price and interpret the highly probable future movement of price in the real-time market. My vision is that after reading this, those new to this style of trading will be able to successfully identify the correct areas on a chart on where to enter and exit winning trades, and eventually move onto achieving financial success themselves.Indeed, Price Action trading has the potential to be a very profitable business. Surprised with the word “business”? Well, most successful traders certainly treat this as a business and many consider statistical data the best possible tool a trader can use to make a decent profit in the market. So, let’s see if this trading style suits you, and in your future trading endeavors, may the Trading Gods be kind.

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