How to Make a Million Dollars Trading Options (The Millionaire Trader)


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This was anonymously emailed to us by a Wall Street veteran, who asked us to publish this for him. He has become disgruntled with what he views as Wall Street scamming retail investors who trade options. Inside: -Options Basics -Volatility/Put Call Parity -Expected Value of Options Contracts -Risk Management and Trade Sizing -Where to Source Trades -The Number One Reason Most Options Traders Lose Money – 5 Bonus Tips on Trading This is a fairly short read, at around 25 pages, but the truth about trading options and making money does not necessarily need a long book. The inventor of game theory, John Nash, turned in a dissertation that was 26 pages and contained 2 references. Big ideas sometimes come in small packages, and this book is ground breaking. Wall Street has hidden the fact a huge secret from ordinary traders, and that secret is that options do not fairly reflect the chances of a stock going up or down, and put/call parity is exploitable. There are some big secrets revealed in this book, and it is well worth it.

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 9.95

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