WATCHLIST: The Professional’s Stock Watch Journal | A Day By Day Journal to Easily Track Your Stock Watchlist, Buy History and Emotion


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**We are the only Stock Journal to offer tracking of emotion on each day!**
The Professional’s Stock Watch Journal is a labor of love with an interesting history. For twenty years, I watched my husband track his watch list, buys, sells and emotional moods on scraps of paper, napkins and business cards. While there were plenty of apps available to track these things, none of them ever game him the options that he needed. Most were too robust, and none had any emotional tracking available. Hence, The Professional’s Stock Watch Journal was born to capture the things most important to a man who trades for the love of trading, not as a full time job.
The Watchlist captures the day, date and up to 20 stocks, along with Entry, Exit and Analysis space for each. It also has open space for capturing notes or thoughts. The Buys page captures the Stock, Entry, Stop and Target for each. Most importantly, each Buys page allows you to capture your emotional mood that day -Bearish, Neutral or Bullish. Use these mood ratings, along with your tracking to look back and reflect on why you made the purchases you did, and learn how your emotions can impact your stock purchases and decisions.
I am confident that The Professional’s Stock Watch Journal will help you in your stock market journey. As Yvan Byeajee said, “Freedom from blind reactivity begins with self-awareness.”Watchlist Journal Features include:

  • 150 pages designed to track day & date, Watchlist, Notes, Buy List, Emotional Tracker for feeling Bullish, Neutral or Bearish and Thoughts for Today.
  • A quick and easy way to track stocks you are interested in, whether you are a seasoned trader or just learning.
  • Great way to track stocks over a long period of time and receive introspective on your mood and impact in making good stock decisions.
  • Take a look inside! Easy to read pages include: WATCHLIST which tracks: TICKER, ENTRY, EXIT, AND ANALYSIS, notes and thoughts.
  • Take a look at the BUY page: Tracks: Ticker, Entry, Stop, Target & Emotional Tracker: Bullish, Bearish or Neutral!
  • 6″ x 9″ size fits in your briefcase, pocket, or jacket. 150 pages.
  • Glossy cover and soft spine.
  • Watchlist makes a perfect gift for men and women who are interested in trading stocks, reviewing their successes, keeping accountable to their chooses and determining if they are making good investments. Can easily be used with any online Stock Trading app.
    Perfect companion for stock market investing for beginners! Stay on track with this easy to use journal.

    Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 12.99

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