Stock Market Investing For Dummies: Guide for beginners and dummies to invest in stocks


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If you want to learn how to juggle the world of share investments, read on!

Every day there are news related to equities, descending and soaring prices, but not many who really understand what we are talking about. Everyone knows that stocks can be an interesting source of income, but few have the skills to invest in them profitably.

Have you always wanted to know what stocks really consists of?

Would you like to understand how to invest in stocks and what are the techniques to do it?

Would you like to learn which are the most effective methodologies to reduce risks?

This book will provide you with complete training on the main topics related to the world of stocks.

Reading it you will learn:

  • to understand what stocks consist of
  • to take your first steps in finance
  • to understand what the main techniques to invest in stocks consist of
  • to identify the main risk analysis tools
  • and…
  • to identify alternative instruments that allow investment in shares
  • to analyze shares through tools
  • to understand what are the main indicators for the selection of shares
  • and much more!

Although today the world of finance may seem particularly dark to you, reading this book ensures adequate training, sufficient to direct you and move you in the correct direction.

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Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 13.38

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