Swing Trading: A Beginner’s Guide to Highly Profitable Swing Trades – with Strategies on Options, Time Management, Money Management and Everything You Need to Know about Stock Markets


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Want to learn the basics of swing trading? Have you been losing and would love to get some simple tips and tricks that will steer you to the winning side?

If you are like most of us and desire financial freedom as well as an extra income, then you need to know about swing trading. Swing trading is a simple yet sure way of growing your wealth and getting you on the path to financial freedom. Having a job is great but an extra income could make a huge difference in your life.

This book opens your eyes to the world of trading. You will love swing trading which is a simple strategy that allows you to trade the markets without taking up all your time. You can still continue doing all the other things that you love such as spending time with friends and family. You can also attend to your daily commitments such as work, business, or college and still find time to trade.

The principle behind swing trading is fairly simple. You identify a suitable stock market asset, identify the best time to buy through analysis, then sell it once the price goes up and make a profit. If you repeat this over and over each day, the amounts will add up to a significant amount.

This book provides you with all the information that you need in order to get started. It introduces you to swing trading from the most basic point of view. You will learn and understand all the basic terms such as stocks, bonds, entry point, charts, analysis, and so on. You will also learn how the stock market works and how to enter and exit trades and how to maximize profitability.

In this book, you will learn:

  • the basics of swing trading
  • the 12 main skills of a swing trader
  • the 3 steps you need to know to start the business
  • the main platforms and tools for trading
  • the basics of technical and fundamental analysis
  • 10 practical tips on time management and money management
  • 3 practical examples of trades executed by professional traders

This book is perfect for those who have little time, little experience in this business, explains swing trading in simple and understandable words for beginners.

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