OPTIONS TRADING FOR BEGINNERS:: Crash Course on Stock Market. How to Investing, Discover Advanced Strategies, Psychology. Tricks and Tips for Make a Living and Create a Passive Income from Home.


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You’re interested in the stock market, but don’t know where to start?

You’re looking for specific techniques and tools that can help you achieve real results?

You’re finally ready to start building your own wealth?
Then keep on reading, this book is for you!

Options are wonderful instruments that are extremely simple and can yet be used to create extremely complicated strategies. The trick is to find the middle ground you’re comfortable with. There is no end to options strategies you can employ because of the number of combinations you can create. Also, it is possible to avoid trading just the underlying stock price and instead trade the volatility. There are volatility neutral strategies and more advanced strategies where you can take advantage of different volatility in instruments of the same stock and create an arbitrage.

You first need to understand the technical aspects of the market. The markets keep changing all the time so you need to keep pace with them by tracking the one thing that never changes: the nature of order flow. As long as buyers and sellers exist in the market there will be an order flow balance, and this balance will let you know how to proceed. Allied with the study of support and resistance, you will be able to decipher which way the market is going and with what force.

The best way to figure out the order flow balance is to simply study the nature of the ranges that are forming as the trend flows. Range structure holds the key to understanding everything about the trend and there are many visual ways you can use to determine what the correct balance of things is. So, take the time to get to know this inside and out.

Always treat yourself well and ensure your mental state is balanced. A mistake that beginners make is to try and trade at all times. Even Lebron James isn’t on his game 100% of the time, and he practices all the time. So, it’s a bit unreasonable and unrealistic to expect the same out of yourself. Set aside time every year for you to sit down and evaluate where things are going and how you’re progressing.

Traders usually take a couple of months out of the year to evaluate themselves and to improve their skills. This is an often-ignored area of skill development. You need to set aside time to train yourself and practice new skills. If you’re trading all the time you won’t have the opportunity to do this. So don’t worry about taking time away from the markets. After all, they’ll be there tomorrow when you wake up.

This book is a comprehensive guide on:

  • History of Options

  • The Types of Options

  • Options Trading vs. Day Trading

  • Managing Options Positions

  • Binary Options

  • Trading Varying Time Frames

  • Buying and Selling Puts

  • How to use a particular strategy

  • Market Environment

  • Rules for Successful Trading

  • Tips for Trading Options

It discusses the basics of Options Trading, the essential information you need as a beginner, the most popular and workable strategies that successful traders have always used, and the daily tips you can leverage for success.

Further, it offers insight on the appropriate amount of risk that you, as a day trader, should take depending on your experience and knowledge. It shows you the best tips and techniques that the most successful traders have used to give you a competitive edge while you engage in Options Trading.
Finally, it shows you why Option Trading is the best form of trading for someone who wants to make it a career rather than an investment on the side.

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Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 17.38

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