Warren Buffett’s 3 Favorite Books: A guide to The Intelligent Investor, Security Analysis, and The Wealth of Nations


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This book is NOT: This is NOT a copy of The Intelligent Investor, Security Analysis, and the Wealth of Nations. Those books are huge (1,940 pages combined) and sometimes difficult to understand. This book is concise (200 pages), it explains the important information found in those books, and it has easy to understand video lessons that accompany every chapter. This is NOT a get rich quick book. The advice demonstrates how Warren Buffett truly thinks and how he accumulated billions over a lifetime – not 3 years. This book IS: Completely interactive with over 10 hours of video content. A guide for amateur and intermediate investors to finally understand the content found in The Intelligent Investor, Security Analysis, and the Wealth of Nations. Easy to understand, yet covers complex topics for stocks, bonds, and preferred shares. Did you know Warren Buffett, the world’s wealthiest stock investor, is quoted as saying three books have shaped his investment philosophy? For more than half a century, he used the information provided in these three books to go from nothing – to a massive $39 billion net worth. The three books that gave him this wisdom are: The Wealth of Nations (pub. 1776) by Adam Smith, Security Analysis (pub. 1934) by Benjamin Graham, and The Intelligent Investor (pub. 1949), also by Benjamin Graham. In fact, Benjamin Graham was Buffett’s professor at Columbia and the most influential financial advisor he ever had. So, have you ever tried reading Graham’s books? Many might agree the books are as exciting as listening to Ben Stein read the 30th page of The Wall Street Journal. It is time we fixed that. Instead of keeping these billion-dollar secrets hidden behind thousands of pages of financial jargon, I wrote one simple guide – Warren Buffett’s Three Favorite Books. If you’re looking for a guide that explains how the wealthy really think and buy assets, you’re in the right place. This isn’t a get-rich-quick book. Instead, this is where your investing techniques take a turn in the road. This book will teach you how to accumulate assets and become very wealthy over decades of wise decisions and proper asset valuation. The best part about the book is the methods are taught in an easy-to-follow and understandable scenario for all to enjoy!Used Book in Good Condition

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