Trading: 6 BEGINNER’S GUIDE in 1. Learn the Bases with PROVEN STRATEGIES: Options, Day, Swing, Forex, Stock, and Trading Psychology to START INVESTING. learn how to overcome the market for a living


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Are you a beginner and have no clue about trading and investing?

Would you like to earn more than 15k per month to change your lifestyle and become rich?

Are you angry because you are continuing to invest and lose money without profitable strategies that work for you?

If you answer yes, this bestseller bundle 6 in 1 is your solution.

If you’ve decided to become an independent trader and to trade seriously, whole-heartedly, or you’re tired of working as an employee for 40 hours a week, this book will show you how simple it can be to invest a small budget to get a big profit by following winning and proven strategies that will show you how to win your daily battles.

even if you are an intermediate trader, you can learn new profitable strategies that will allow you to triple your profit just after a week, you will have new methods to calculate risk and return, and you will know the rules that led me and Eliott Wave to be successful in trading.

in this book bundle, you will be explained, in simple and not complex terms, the basics of each type of trading, and you will be shown real examples and clear graphs to allow quick learning. The tools and indications you will find are clear and specific and the strategies will tell you exactly when to: entry, exit, stop loss to maximize your profits and reduce losses.

Here what you can expect you will learn:

  • Secret strategies that allow me to earn more than 15,000$ a month from over 5 years explained in the step-by-step guides

  • How to money and risks management and special tips for time management when you no have it

  • What are the basics for each type of trading

  • How to find a good broker

  • How to analyze and understand charts

  • How to create a trading plan

  • Tips to avoid commons pitfalls for beginners

  • Understanding futures

  • The right trader mindset and winning attitude as well as how to react when you earn and lose money

  • How to make a consistent profit for months even if you have no experience and with a low budget and much more…

What other people are saying:

“It’s amazing that it could be valuable to both new traders and experienced ones. If I was a serious new trader, skip the rest of the books and read this one. As an experienced trader, I still learned a ton and I would highly recommend.”

amazon customer

“The author covers everything you need to know to get you started. I really liked that it covers not only Technical Analysis which was the main reason I picked up the book but also Fundamental Analysis, strategies, principles and the mindset required which is what I most enjoyed at the end.”

amazon customer

Very few careers can offer you the freedom, flexibility, and income that trading does. You can live and work anywhere In the world. You can decide when to work and when not to work, you do not have a superior that say you continually what to do, you’ll have the freedom from all of these things and money not will be anymore a big problem. And now you’re one step away from accomplishing this …

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