The Ultimate Guide for Stock Investing in the Age of Negative Yields: The essential knowledge for seeking returns in different markets


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This book is writing for all individual investors and those who are interested in stock investments. I will take you to the commanding heights of the financial market. You will be reading the silent language among professional investors such as implied volatility. You will know how to build up option protection to hedge the risk of a potential market crash.This book is Simple and Practical! We will focus on the key factors and tools. With a quick start guide, you can understand how to earn the market return after 10 minutes of reading! This little book will help you to catch up with the most important principles of stock investment in one day. I used more than ten years to accumulate all this knowledge, reading hundreds of investment books written by American, Germany, Chinese, Japanese, Indian investors with my extensive study in different markets (both developed countries and emerging markets). We are now moving toward a new age of negative yield that never happened before! Negative yielding is like an anti-gravity force for the stock market. Too much money is tracing too little real assets! Investors should be forward-looking instead of using the back mirror for investing. This is one of the first books which discusses the impact of the negative yields on the financial market. This is also one of the few books which will cover some leading monetary policy ideas such as quantitative easing, and factors that will limit the power of interest rate policy. We will also discuss the possible social and economic changes due to some distorted monetary policy. Wealth inequality will become a big issue that will affect our future taxation system and even or social system. One of our generation ‘s greatest investors and thinkers, Ray Dalio, already sent warnings to the capitalism world. It’s time to have some changes to prevent such kind of unintended consequences to become truth. As a serious investor, we need to predict such kind of social changes in advance.The purpose of this book is simple, increase your profitability by building up your financial knowledge to adopt the market changes. I will try to make everything simple and easy to understand, even you don’t have any academic background, you find this book is easy to read. It ‘s like someone is talking with you, sharing about his experience and let you think about some ideas by yourself.You will also understand why stock for the long run can’t perform well in so many markets, but why it can perform well in the US market. We will discuss the Art for investing in emerging markets and declining markets where stock for the long run didn’t work. Understand the possible way to capture the excess return from the markets. Stock Market is an ecosystem that is always changing. The aim of all financial publications is for finding out the truth of how the market works. The truth of the market is not based on any books or any theories. The truth is inside the market. Therefore, every time when the market is changed, we may need to review all the old rules. We are not able to change the market. We can adapt to the changes.An investor can suffer losses in both bull and bear market, know yourself is more important than knowing how the market works! We will take about some investment planning skills and investor psychology at the end of the book. This is a little investment book that is full of valuable ideas inside!

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 11.98

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