The Happy Couples Guide to Investing in Rental Property


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This book details the story of a hardworking, middle class couple who tried investing in different areas before focusing their attention on rental properties. Because of volatility in the stock market, 401Ks and other investments, their strategy has been to invest in real estate in rural areas, to build wealth and generate a source of continuous passive income. The authors describe their own successful experiences: how they acquired and rented their initial property, eventually growing to fourteen units in five years.The authors share how they leveraged each other’s strengths and divided up roles and responsibilities to make it work for them. They share their fun road-trip experiences to different rural areas, provide check-lists, resources and calculators to help you research, assess, and make informed decisions of where and how to best invest your hard-earned money. The strategy discussed here is focused on long-term investment for the future, aimed to generate passive income.It hasn’t all been easy, of course. The authors share several of their mistakes as first time real estate investors, helping you avoid potentially costly investments. As they note, you don’t need a significant investment upfront, and you certainly shouldn’t quit your day-job as soon as you get started investing.Beyond their experiences, the book serves as a concise practical guide with clear strategies that can be implemented easily by working individuals, especially couples who are both working but aren’t sure how to build for their future. Couples can work from home in the evenings as well as weekends to accomplish their goals and become financially independent.Also included are valuable tips on how to build and maintain a strong relationship with real-estate agents, property management companies, and contractors. You will also find resources on how you can manage your costs and cash flow when you remodel or update a rental property. In addition, the print version includes worksheet pages for your own notes and action items.Note: This book is an updated edition of the original publication “The Happy Couples to Investing in Real Estate” (2013). Since then, the authors have expanded their investment in real estate to include land, multi units, flips and real estate based stocks and mutual funds. Take it from one happy couple who has succeeded in building a rental property portfolio—you can do it too!

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 14.95

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