The 12% Solution: Earn A 12% Average Annual Return On Your Money, Beating The S&P 500, Mad Money’s Jim Cramer, And 99% Of All Mutual Fund Managers… By Making 2-4 Trades Per Month


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How to make money in stocks?

First step: don’t trade stocks. In a radical departure from most investment books, a former day trader demonstrates how a simple asset allocation strategy that ‘adapts’ to changing market conditions has delivered a 12% average annual return over the past 10 years.

What does 12% mean?

If you’re familiar with investing basics, you’ll know that figure comes close to doubling the average return of the benchmark S&P 500. It also outperforms 99% of all mutual funds.

But what’s outperformance without protection? When the S&P 500 crashed in 2008 and lost 37% of its value, this plan actually returned +10.9%.

Beat the market with this unique ETF trading system.

Beat The Street and build long-term wealth in the stock market with this simple ETF rotation strategy that automates decision making, reduces risk and volatility in your portfolio, and lets you sleep soundly at night without worries of market bears or bursting bubbles.

A trading strategy that’s not pie-in-the-sky and not just a bunch of theory, but rather a systematic plan employing index fund ETFs and backed up with real numbers. A trading plan that’s understandable, repeatable, that works and works simply.

Anyone can do this.

Whether you’re new to stock market investing, or a stock trading veteran grown wary of Wall Street gurus with subpar track records touting the latest hot stock that underperforms the minute you buy it, this will make sense.

In easy-to-understand language, you’ll discover…

  • The six index fund ETFs that power the strategy, and why.
  • The simple technique for identifying which of those ETFs to buy, and which to sell — and most importantly, when.
  • How $5,000 can end up $1,000,000 in your retirement portfolio.
  • How to protect your portfolio during market downturns with a simple cash trigger.

In short, how to earn an average of 12% annually in the stock market with minimal trading, less volatility, and less risk.

Make money trading without obsessing.

If you have 20 minutes a month and a computer, you can turn any investment amount into a steadily growing compounding machine that will make you the envy of Mad Money’s Jim Cramer and 99% of all mutual fund managers.

Make just 2-4 trades one day a month. The strategy tells you what ETFs to buy and what to sell. That’s it. Then turn off the computer and go live your life.

Start making your 12% today.

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