Swing Trading with Options: 7-Day crash course for Beginners, Strategies to maximize short-term Trading


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Professional traders have always lied to you!

Trading is not just a game for millionaires. Even without a lot of capital, and with just a small risk, you can start trading and make huge amounts of money. No, this is not a dream: it’s a promise. Don’t you believe me? Then keep reading.

The idea of being a day trader strikes fear into many people’s heart. That may be for a good reason: becoming a day trader is a high-risk venture, and only a small proportion of people succeed at it.

But what if you could live the exciting life of a day trader with less pressure and far less risk? It turns out you can! We are talking about the intriguing and far less talked world of Swing Trading!

If you’re making the first steps in trading, then don’t worry. You’re in the right place. This book will help beginner traders learn the basics of swing trading and the steps you can take to improve your skills. We’ll also walk you through reading a chart, finding indicators, and knowing when to trade. You’re in good hands: you will  learn everything you need to know about Swing Trading.

There are many topics in this guide, and all are suited to beginners and experienced Swing Traders. This book will cover:

  • Swing Trading vs. other trading strategies: why Swing Trading is the best strategy to start making money.
  • Types of trading assets, PROS and CONS.
  • 7 key strategies for getting the most out of your trading.
  • How to determine when to enter and exit a trade.
  • Learn how to read trading patterns and charts like an open book.
  • Risk Management: 5 techniques to minimize risk and avoid losing your shirt!
  • How to swing trade with call options: where to place your stop-loss and why.
  • How to make a trading plan: analyze the situation, set your goals, reach them!
  • How to be S.M.A.R.T.

… and much more!

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Get ready to Swing your way to trading success!

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