Stock & Options Trading for Life: The Most Effective Stock & Option Trading Strategies for Individual Investo (1)


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If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to become a successful, self-directed investor or trader, look no further―all of the information you could ever need is here. In this step-by-step guide to building a portfolio, you’ll learn the six best trading strategies for nonprofessionals and when to use each one. It lays out how to build a portfolio today and details the best trading strategies and tactics for the nonprofessional to use. Paired with the author’s hard-won insights and customized rules, it’s a must-read for anyone looking to get into investing! Hundreds, if not thousands, of stock market and options trading books have been written, each peppered with life stories of years on Wall Street or advice on various points that may help the reader achieve maximum profitability. But none of these books really show the diligent, self-directed investor what to do and how to do it, holistically. The reader can collect bits and pieces of information, but when it comes to making consistent money and doing it safely, this book is the one place where it’s all brought together. This step-by-step guide to modern investing & risk management will show you:•How to cut through the noise of wall street advisors, financial news and thousands of investment websites to know what is important to review before trading or investing. •How to properly frame your portfolio before trading and efficiently perform fundamental and technical analysis on a very select set of your favorite stock & exchange traded fund ideas.•How to select the best trade setups and strategies for both stocks and their related options (and the best combinations of the two). •How to select and use the best six trading strategies (out of hundreds available) for non-professional investors.•How to place risk management and insurance positions to protect every trade and your overall portfolio from the outset. •How to adjust losing trades and turn many losers into winners.•How to properly use leverage safely•How to use these repeatable processes and systems to dramatically build wealth over time. Walk in my footsteps and use trading and investing to gain confidence and take back your life.

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