Step by Step Bond Investing: A Beginner’s Guide to the Best Investments and Safety in the Bond Market (Step by Step Investing) (Volume 3)


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Ditch the Stock Market Game, Learn How to Get Safety and Returns in Bond Investing Of all the opportunities to invest and make money, bond investing is likely one of the most neglected. Stocks are the get-rich investment, hyped by Wall Street and favored by investors. Commodities are widely used to hedge risk and to gamble on price changes. Even real estate is more widely held for its cash flow and other benefits. According to research by fund manager Vanguard, the average investor holds just 15% of their portfolio in bonds. Since older investors typically hold much more of their investments in fixed-income, it’s safe to assume that many younger investors are neglecting bond investment all together. What you might not realize is that bonds are critical to reaching your financial goals. No other investment provides the kind of safety and security you’ll get from bonds and few other investments provide the kind of cash flow you’ll get from these fixed-income opportunities. In fact, manage your bonds right and you might not need much more to meet your financial goals. You’ll get stable returns for decades and won’t have to worry about constant crashes in the stock market. You’ll get nearly guaranteed cash flows to pay for expenses and the retirement you deserve. Putting a portfolio of bonds together that will meet your goals can be surprisingly easy if you know where to start. Understand bond basics and how to avoid the mistakes that cost other investors money and you’ll find an investment that’s easier to manage than any other while moving you closer to financial freedom. This book will do exactly that, help you put together a step-by-step investing strategy in bonds to understand how much of your portfolio to invest and how to do it. In this book you’ll learn: * The five risks in bond investing, which can be reduced and how to avoid some altogether (pg 12) * Why investors neglect bonds and how you can use the asset class to reach your goals (pg 16) * The four types of bonds that should be in everyone’s portfolio (pg 25) * How to put together a simple bond investing strategy to cover monthly living expenses without having to sell your investments (pg 50) * How to manage your bond investing strategy to minimize costs and maximize return (pg 53) Grab the only bond investing book to lay out the secrets to this neglected investment and give you a step-by-step guide to profit. Scroll back up and click buy now. Don’t Get Caught in Complicated Investing Analysis and Trading Strategies – Get a Simple Investing Strategy that Fits YOUR Goals Most investing books don’t even touch bond investing. Bond investing isn’t exciting enough and investors are duped into a vague collection of trading strategies that only enrich the people selling investment analysis and collecting fees. The fact is that investing in bonds may be the best decision you make to reach your financial goals. Few other investments provide the kind of certainty and safety of bond investing. Learn what you won’t find in other investing books, a simple and effective strategy for one of the best investments you can make. Scroll up and buy Step-by-Step Bond Investing. Check out the rest of the investing books in the series for simple investing strategies in bonds, emerging market stocks and dividend stocks. Each investment guide can be read on its own or as part of the series. Each provides a simple investing strategy and investing basics into different types of investments, giving you a well-rounded portfolio that will meet your goals.

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