Profitable Stock Options Trading – A Beginner’s Guide: Lessons I Learned Losing $100,000 To Accelerate Your Trading Success


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You need to read this book to find out more about Stock Options? 

Some books provide a simple introduction to Stock Options.

Some books provide a more detailed framework for how to use Stock Options. 

This book provides both!

In this book you will find a collection of eighty consolidated learnings from an experienced derivative trader, with over twelve years of trading experience.

  • You can use Stock Options as Insurance for your long term stock portfolio.

  • You can use Stock Option Trading as a stand-alone business venture.

Here’s just some of the information that you will find inside this frank, informative compilation:

  • An explanation of basic Call Options and Put Options in layman’s terms. 

  • An introduction to using Stock Options as insurance for your stock portfolio.

  • Discussions and explanation of candlesticks bar charts and the display of financial information.

  • A breakdown on liquidity and market makers.

  • The benefits of trend trading and optimizing your profits during price movements.

  • The importance of Psychology in profitable trading.

  • Criteria for choosing the best Mentors and the training that suits you.

Your Trading should be an investment so this book covers:

  • Money management and capital preservation tools. 
  • A realistic focus on the time commitments and the opportunity costs of trading.
  • Emphasis on the importance of your own written trading rules. 
  • Recognition that trading is a business and help in defining your own trading business plan.
  • An introduction to more advanced Options trading strategies plus the use of strategic action plans to reduce your reaction times.

This is not a book about making millions of dollars, trading for only ten minutes a day.

The Author frankly talks about his $100k losses during his early trading career.

Invest in this book for the price of a cup of coffee and save yourself a fortune!

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 12.17

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