Options Trading: Beginner’s Guide to Make Money with Options Trading – All the Strategies to Create an Important Income, in a Short Time


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Do you need to learn everything about trading in one sitting? Have you been losing and would love to get some simple tips and tricks that will steer you to the winning side?

Forget about the assumption that in options trading, you must lose. With this book, you will realize that there is a lot to do to succeed in the options market. Whether you are a novice trader or an expert in the trade of options, you can make a lot of profit just by following the simple guidelines outlined in this book. You will learn about the most basic part of options trading and be able to differentiate between the different terminologies used in the trade.

By putting what is in this book to practice, you can easily make it in options trading. It does not matter whether you are a novice trader or a professional in the industry.

This book teaches you:

•  What options trading is and the basics of the trade. We go ahead and define the types of options trading and why you need to use them. We also make you understand options as a derivative of other assets and securities.

•  How to engage in options trading. Here, we look at what you need to get started in options trading. We make you understand the risks involved in the trade and define the basic types of trading – the put and call options

•  We also outline some of the latest platforms and tools that you can use for trading. This helps you determine what platforms work best for your trading needs.

•  We give you a quick look through the strategies used by most beginners to grow in the trade and also highlight some tips for success. These are tested and proven ways through which you can progress and grow in the options market.

•  After understanding the trading strategies, we make you understand more about financial leverage as one of the many benefits of trading in options. We talk about how the value of an asset affects the price of options.

•  Finally, we look at the basics of technical analysis, as well as teach you how to control your emotions as a trader. We point out some of the attributes you must possess, such as patience, commitment, and discipline. This is what keeps you motivated, even after losing a trade.

Many traders avoid options because of the myth that options are risky, difficult to understand, and that a good number of options expire worthlessly. However, this is not true. After reading this book, your mindset will change completely, and you will start seeing options trading differently.

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