Index Funds & ETFs: What they are and how to make them work for you


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Do you find yourself lured into the index fund game without knowing what you are actually investing in?

Can you be sure you know who really profits from your monthly contributions? Are you tired of always being on the losing end of the money game, while fund providers reap huge profits?With the ever-growing number of index funds and ETFs, it’s no wonder that many retail investors are getting lost and confused. Between the jargon, the slick advertising, and the legions of keen advisors insisting that these are the best investment alternative for the average man and woman, it’s all too easy to get swept away in the hype.

Discover how to make Index Funds and ETFs work for you

without falling into the usual traps. This book will offer a different perspective that profits you! This book will offer a different perspective – one that takes into account the history, structuring, and theorizing behind index funds and ETFs, and lay bare the inner working of its profitable industry. It will enable you to develop a neutral view , on index funds and ETFs so that you can cut right through the haze of marketing ploys and polemic criticism.

You will learn:

• What Index Funds are and how they are formulated• How standard index funds differ to index ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)• What advantages they have over other mutual fund products• A brief history of the industrial complex behind them• The business behind creating indices, such as S&P Dow Jones or MSCI indices• Their theoretical and practical flaws and shortcomings• The flaws in the logic underlying many index investment plans• A detailed plan how to make the most out of these products • BONUS: How to apply the 80/20 investing approach to index funds investing with several examples and case studies• And much more!In the end, you will realize that passive investing is not so passive after all, and the active vs. passive debate is nothing more than a giant smokescreen.

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