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Forex Trading Success – Binaural Beat Brainwave Subliminal Systems PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING! Dharma Records has a new life changing positive programming CD that will help you find the answers that you seek. Remove any preexisting inner mental blocks, mental hindrances, limiting beliefs and negative thought forms that may retard your progress toward whatever goal or purpose you aim to accomplish with silent subconscious programming that feeds and reprograms your subconscious mind at the deepest most effective levels. Subconscious programming will produce positive life changing results while you read, work, play, and even when you sleep. CD contain stress relieving nature sounds combined with relaxing music with subconscious messages, and inaudible tones that change your brain wave. All that you will hear consciously is the enchanting sounds of the ocean shore combined with relaxing music but your brain will directly receive and processes subconscious positive retraining and reinforcement messages without any need for conscious interpretation. INSTRUCTIONS: We suggest you play the CD repeatedly while sleeping for maximum exposure and maximum positive results.. Listen to the CD repetitively for the first month you own it. Listen while you work, play, and sleep. See for yourself what the mood enhancing and mind altering effects of brain wave training technology will do for you. Become the best you possible with positive subconscious programming that is scientifically based. WARNING: Do not listen to this CD when driving or operating equipment. LIST OF AFFIRMATIONS is included. BINAURAL BEAT RANGE: ALPHA 9.5 Hz, GAMMA 40 Hz

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: Free

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