Day Trading Micro Futures for Income: The Beginner’s Gateway to Trading for a Living


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The Go-To Guide for Day Trading the New Micro Stock Index Futures 

These four new Micro Futures Stock Index futures are 1/10th the size and risk than ever before.  For the first time in history, the home investor can afford to trade the same contracts that fund managers and the wealthy have used since 1982.

The new Micros allow trading for margin deposits of only a few hundred bucks, and they also trade with especially low discounted commissions.  They are perfect for learning day trading.

The CME has pinpointed and delivered on the need for smaller contracts for small investors who may be more risk-averse.  This new product directly benefits home-traders. 

These smaller-bite contracts are perfect for learning to day trade without the usual high risk and expense of full-sized contracts.  Finally, leveraged futures trading you can afford:

— Instead of each point making or losing $50, the Micro is only $5 per point
— And trade the NASDAQ100 index for only $2 per point.
— Most brokers only require a $2,000 minimum to open a Micro trading account and offer commissions of only $2 or less (this may vary of course.)

These record-breaking Micro Stock Index Futures were introduced in mid-2019 are are the most popular and fastest-growing futures index contract every introduced at the Chicago Merc Exchange.

The How-To Guide to Day Trading the New 1/10th size Micro Stock Index Futures:

  • Exact Instructions on How To Practice and Gain Confidence before using real money in Live Trading.

  • See How to Avoid the Most Common Beginner’s Mistakes
  • Understand your Win Rate versus Reward-Risk Ratio
  • Learn the  Types of Trade Orders to Use and How They Work in Index Trading
  • Techniques to protect the money and keep the profits you make. 
  • An Introduction to Technical Charting Indicators 
  • A Checklist on How to Evaluate & Choose the right Broker
  • How to Learn and Adopt a Winning Trade Psychology
  • How to Identify the Best Times of the Day to Trade
  • A Primer on Using Margins and SPAN Minimums
  • You get free access to the authors 4-Part Video Short Course: Day Trading Micros

    Where to start, how to start, and what to expect: This book is for beginners and intermediate traders who want the flexibility and freedom of day trading for income. If you’ve been trading and losing money, this could be the most important investment for income books you will ever read. 
About the author:  Don A. Singletary was a private risk-management hedge fund consultant for 25 years teaching and advising futures options applications to corporations and brokers. This book is brief and to-the-point to show the reader the most direct and simple path to learning to day trade the Micro Futures Stock Index contracts.  This book contains the most modern approaches to the newest investment products available for home investors.  Day trading and futures trading is not suitable for everyone and is risky.  These new Micros are the first products to make trading the stock index futures – that funds and wealthy investors use – affordable for the home trader with point increments of 50 cents for DJIA points, $5 for S&P500 points, and only $2 for the NASDAQ100 Index points.

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 24.97

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