DAY TRADING for Beginners 2020: The Ultimate Penny Stocks, Options and Psychology Swing Strategies For a Living Like a Rich Dad, Using The Tools, Tactics, Money Management, Discipline and Bases


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Once you have mastered the basics, start practicing. Trading simulators allow new day traders to trade on paper before they can get involved with actual trading. This is the perfect way to practice trading just to be sure that you know what you are doing when you start trading for real. Use the trading simulator to practice a few trading strategies and experience how they can be used in different kinds of stocks. By the time you start trading with real money, you will know what kind of strategy to use for a certain trade.

You also need to try trading in different kinds of systems too. There are websites these days that will allow you to practice day trading irrespective of whether the market is open or not. With good practice, you will know how to trade even before you start risking your money. This way, you can reduce your level of risk when you need to invest actual funds and wait for a return. 

For a successful day trading career, traders need to gain many technical skills, but the most important factor that will impact their success is trading psychology. Humans are emotional beings, and it is a well-known fact that traders fail to control two main emotions: fear and greed, which leads to their failure in day trading. Traders are not born with the mindset necessary for success in day trading. But it is a skill that can be developed over time and with practice.

The psychological factor behind fear in stock trading is traders, being afraid of losing money. Sometimes traders are afraid that they will make a loss in stock trading. This can impact their decision-making ability. In fear, traders can over- trade or not trade even when a profitable opportunity comes in stock markets. Technology can help traders overcome their fearful mindset. By using stop orders and limit orders, traders can take the emotion out of their trading.

In this book, you will learn more about:

  • Basics of Day Trading & Qualities of a Day Trader
  • Concepts of Day Trading
  • How Day Trading Works
  • How to Reduce Your Risks When Day Trading
  • Finding and Picking Stocks and Trading Strategies
  • Day Trading Tools
  • Understanding Trading Orders
  • Money Management
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Managing Risk in Trading and the Role of Journaling
  • … AND MORE!

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