Day Trading For Beginners 2020: The 45-Minute Day Trading Strategy For Earning Over $85.000/Year – As a Beginner!


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Hear me out for a moment…

Do you want to be able to quit your job, become your own boss and work from anywhere you want anytime you want? …Work less but earn more?…

 Well, Day Trading is one of the top “professions” that can offer you this kind of freedom!

…And do you know what’s actually better than making tens, hundreds and even millions of dollars from day trading by using our strategy – It is the fact that you don’t need an office, a partner, a product,… you don’t need employees or anything similar that will only complicate your life!

Everything you need is a computer, a solid strategy and knowledge, and the willingness to make money! That’s it!

Inside  – Day Trading for a Living – you’ll find everything you need to become a very successful day trader.

The information inside is divided into two parts.


  • The 45-minute/day – “Killer” Day Trading Strategy for profiting 85.000 USD/year as a beginner!!!  (and the 10 secret elements of it) – Revealed for you!
  • The 3 most important things you need to know about the stock market as a day trader!
  • Expert level techniques teaching you when to buy and when to sell to be making a profit 90% of the time you trade!
  • Stock Market Trading Tools explained – and the only things you must know about them – the rest is white noise!
  • What extra apparently “trivial” details (but that could be decisive for your success) you should look for when you’ll be reading charts – Most beginners miss this out!
  • How to effectively research the stocks you are interested in (you won’t find this freely on Google or YouTube)!
  • Learn the 3 principles that will unlock access for you to buying “discounted” stocks!

And much more!


  • This “little” detail can add hundreds of $$$ each month to your pocket and save you hours of tedious work! (Day 5)
  • How to best maximize each and every dollar you invest! – revealed! (Day 7)
  • Why sometimes a high dividend yield can actually make you lose money in the long term! (and how to avoid this happen to you) (Day 15)
  • 4 profitable industries and sectors to find dividend paying-companies to invest in (not the common ones you know)– REVEALED! (Day 3)
  • This is the easiest way to find dividend-paying companies! (Day 1)
  • 5 untold ways, known just by the professionals – to reduce the risk of financial loss when investing to nearly zero! (Day 6)
  • This is the single, most important secret to buy once, forget about it and profit forever after! (…and what the big trading platforms don’t want you to know!) (Day 18)
  • This one thing can almost assure the growth of your dividend percentage even after you bought the stock!!! (Day 16)

And much more!


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Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 12.76

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